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Find Answers On Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are we?
vCare Saver Club Limited is the UK based money saving club, providing its members with money off deals, savings and special promotions.

What do we do?
We provide our members with a variety of benefits when they spend money on their daily essentials, holidays or home improvement.

How much can I save with vCare membership?
You can take a challenge and use our Money Savings Calculator to see how much you should be saving with our memberhsip per year.

Are you authorised by FCA(Financial Conduct Authority)?
No, we do not need to be authorised by FCA as we are not an insurance company. We are, however, PCI Compliant and regulated by Trading Standards.

How to join?
vCare membership is available to any member of general public upon subscription. To subscribe to our membership please click here.

When does my VCare+ Card Expire?
All vCare+ cards are printed with an expiry date which you will find next to your VCare+ Membership number. This date is 12 months after your card was printed for you. When you renew your membership for another year you automatically receive a new valid card.

How to access savings with vCare+?
When you receive your vCare+ card you will also receive our savings booklet. This booklet will contain all necessary information on how to access all available national or local savings.

What about the Sky cover?
One of our discretionary benefits is the repair/replacement of your Sky/Freesat?freeview equipment should anything go wrong. We would look after your Dish, Box, Remote, LNB and all the cables and wires.

Are you monitored by Sky?
We are an independent company, nothing to do with Sky. However, the engineers we use are not just Sky Approved but also CAI/RDI approved (Cable and Aerial Institution) (Registered Digital Institute), they can fix a wider variety of equipment.

Will there be call out charges for engineer?
No, all call out charges, parts repair and labour are all included in the cost of the payment method you choose; there will be no hidden costs. If it is not possible to repair your equipment and we decide not to exercise our discretion to provide replacement equipment then our members may be able to obtain a discounted Sky box as part of your membership.

Why some membership benefits are not available from the start of your membership?
We are a membership club based on loyalty and rewards - the more time you stay with us, the more benefits you can access, the more money you can save.

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Are you closed on weekends?
Our Member Support team currently takes calls 5 days a week, 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank holidays. However, we are already working on extension of working hours for your convenience. Meanwhile you can submit your request via our Enquiry Form, and one of our support team will contact you on Monday morning as a priority. Most of information is also available on this website.

What if I wish to cancel my membership?
If you did not use our benefits you may cancel your membership plan up to 30 days before the end of the plan renewal period by calling us or writing to us either by post or by email. For further information please refer to a full version of our Terms & Conditions.

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A leading UK price comparison website said in 2011 that they saved £123.93 per customer. vCare+ can save you over 7 times this amount per year!

Contact Information
Chandos Business Centre
87 Warwick Street
Royal Leamington Spa
CV32 4RJ
Phone: 0844 310 5657